The author

Maria Aminoff was born in October 1974 in Gothenburg in Sweden, where she grew up with her younger twin brothers.

As a teenager she met her current husband. Maria's education was broad and varied and she studied both languages and scientific subjects whilst at school opting to study for a law degree at university. On completing her degree she was employed by a Swedish law firm for ten years before, in 2009, deciding to go in for writing full time. Nowadays she works also as a lawyer.

Besides reading and writing, spending time with family and friends, Maria loves to travel and explore the world. The experiences she makes, she shares with her readers by writing them down. She has been to Italy, Germany and Denmark countless times, has studied on Iceland during 1998 and lived in the United Kingdom for three and a half years when her children were young. Maria, her husband, Wilhelm and three children have also lived two years in Munich, Germany.

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